Typical Cats

Conceived within the lair of Chicago's legendary WHPK Wednesday Night Rap Show, the group known as Typical Cats consists of MCs Qwel, Qwazaar and Denizen Kane with producer/DJ Natural and assistance from Kid Knish.

Listen to these sample tracks from the new album: Easy Cause It Is, Typical Flows, Butterfly Knives, and The Do. (MP3 format, 1-2MB each)

You can also hear tracks from the first album: Reinventing the Wheel, Any Day, Snake Oil, Take a Number, The Manhattan Project, and Cliche. (Real Audio format)

New! Check out pictures and video clips from the December show in New York City.

You can purchase the albums and singles from Galapagos4. You can also buy the albums at Amazon.com.

It has been four long years since their now-classic debut Typical Cats dropped on Chicago hip hop label Galapagos4. Successful solo projects and worldwide tours have only whetted the appetites of the legions of fans eagerly anticipating the follow up. The time has come, and the Cats have a message.

Attention Citizens of Hip Hop (Nation Within a Nation): We have waged a rebel resistance to that cynical enemy of the listeners and true heads "the Establishment" for decades now. Our enemy, fully aware that the people need beats and rhymes to live, has embarked on a campaign of sonic terrorism, flooding minds and airwaves with pollutants while grudgingly distributing real hip hop in tainted and dwindling doses. In order to combat this toxic status quo and restructure the underground network that is the last hope for our rebel tribes, we have dispatched our most highly skilled team of operatives under the code name Typical Cats. [READ MORE]

Civil Service (2004)

Typical Cats (2001)